Haven; Home, Safe assists thousands of people each year who are in housing crisis, homelessness, or in financial stress, helping them address the issues leading to their circumstances and find appropriate housing.

Haven; Home, Safe has been housing and helping the homeless, displaced and disadvantaged for nearly 40 years.

We are a ‘For Purpose’ organisation, employing more than 150 staff across five offices from the northern suburbs of Melbourne to the banks of the Murray River in Mildura. We are limited by guarantee and hold public benevolent institution status.

Since becoming Victoria’s first registered Affordable Housing Association in 2005, the organisation has grown to 1600+ homes under management.

“The Assistive Housing Hub (The Hub) is a bold new concept to provide both a physical and virtual space in which people living with a disability in public, community and private rental housing can experience how various products, systems, devices and technologies can help them achieve greater independence, reduce support needs, increase participation , and be come more connected with their community” 
– Ken Marchingo AM , CEO of Haven; Home, Safe